How Have You Not Seen This? Episode 022: Doom

New episode!

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For a couple of months now, I’ve been running a super fun podcast called How Have You Not Seen This?¬†where I share some of my favorite movies with comedians who’ve never seen them before and discuss them immediately after we watch them. Next week, I’m very excited to be doing a screening and our first live episode of the podcast at Shadowbox Live in Columbus, Ohio for Ghostbusters, my absolute number one favorite movie of all time. I’m super excited for this and for there to potentially be even more live shows in the future because talking about movies I love is one of my absolute favorite things to do and it’s made that much better when I get to share these things with people for the very first time. It’s gonna be a great time, so check out the podcast and if you’re in the area you should definitely come out to the show!

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